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Welcome to Yvette Borel’s online tarot site. Approaching Yvette, you will discover the world of tarot, symbols and energies, the fullness of the soul and peace of mind.

Yvette Borel will show you the ways to borrow, it will be up to you to follow them or neglect them because only you are able to exercise your free will.
Yvette Borel’s life, fueled by the passion and curiosity of others, has led her throughout the world, on every continent.
During her travels, she shared her experience of the tarot everywhere, finding in the knowledge of the cards a wisdom that she offers to those who cross her path.
From New York to Hong Kong, from Geneva to Paris, from London to Mumbai, from Miami to Saint Barth, illustrious politicians, businessmen, public figures and the general public seek guidance and refuge from her.

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1 question 
30 CHF

1 question
  1. The first card shows what you need to do to make your business a success.
  2. The second indicates the obstacles or mistakes to avoid.
  3. The third represents the synthesis and gives the answer to the question

2 questions
50 CHF

2 question

  1. The first is everything that goes in the direction of your request.
  2. The second mistakes and obstacles to overcome.
  3. The third represents you in your energy.
  4. The fourth indicates transformation in the future.
  5. The fifth is the synthesis and answer to your questions
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